Our Team

Kumar Sukhani

Co-founder and CEO

Travelling, being one with nature, and adventure activities are what fuel this startup enthusiast! This passionate Golang expert enjoys building products, and his ability to solve complex problems and handle technical acumen effectively has made him the go-to person for any technical hiccups at FStack. A techie at heart and fun to be around, he easily maintains a healthy amount of chaos in the office.

Prasanna Mahajan

Lead Backend Developer

A hardcore programmer and ardent tea lover, Prasanna would pick a deadline over anything else, just to hear the whooshing sound of the keyboard. He is as enthusiastic and curious about new technologies as he is about mythology, human psychology, and geopolitics. A true-blue techno-geek, he keeps learning new technologies all the time. He loves watching Hindi movies and plays the violin in his free time!

Vishal Sanap

Growth Hacker

A die-hard entrepreneur at heart, Vishal is truly a Jack-of-All-Trades. He started his first venture “Fizzible” while in 3rd year engineering. Give him a problem, and consider it solved! When he is not racking his brains solving complex technical codes, he likes to keep an eye on the global financial market. He loves having open-minded discussions on politics, current affairs, science, music, and sports. Catching up with old friends and meeting new people are his favourite leisure-time activities.

Sucheta Gulia

Software Developer

Sucheta can be described as a travel freak, passionate trekker, teacher, and avid software developer. Technology is close to her heart, and someday, she hopes to make a lasting impact in the field.  Simple, kind, and enthusiastic, she is easy and fun to talk to. Her conversations mostly centre around history and space, and weekends see her exploring the city by herself.

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